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What happened on the day God broke out?
19th January 2020

What happened on the day God broke out?

Passage: Acts 5:11-23
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Bible Text: Acts 5:11-23 | Preacher: Nick Pengelly | Series: Book of Acts | What happened on the day God broke out in the welsh revival?  They were crying out to God, they first cried out to live a life of holiness and purity, for a fresh new level of holiness and purity to come on them.  The second cry of their heart was for it to impact their community, village & town.

Miracles happened around Peter, his shadow healed people and set them free. What happens around us, what environment do we carry? What influence do you have?  Does your influence impact and bring God’s kingdom? Do people say when you are around you bring kingdom, you bring a smile, you bring wholeness,  peace and hope……Be aware of yourself and the influence you have, if you need to adjust, adjust.  If you need to change then change.  Have a focus on knowing who God is, pray like they did in the Welsh revival for holiness and they prayed for the presence of God to come & to change the community around.

In Acts 5 it shows how people’s hearts are being revealed, people’s hearts are being tested & provoked as  the presence of God was there and things emerged.