Father's Place


The starting place for many people is Sunday morning church. You can discover a little bit about our meeting below so you know what to expect. This is a family church which is reflected in the vibrant accessible Sunday morning meeting, a worship centred gathering, prayer ministry, children and youth activities and so much more. Take a look below and please get in touch if there is anything further we can help you with.

MIDWEEK groups

We would encourage you to come and worship in person, however if this is not possible you can watch our Sunday morning meeting live on Facebook at 10:30 am.

Sunday Morning

We start at 10:30 am but you will find a warm welcome from 10.15 am. We are here to make you feel at home, we will show you around. If you have children we will introduce you to the people leading children’s work and ensure you know exactly where they will be meeting.

Our worship of God is central to all we do. We have a vibrant modern style of worship in all our gatherings.

Our amazing worship team is lead by Luke Howson.

We believe that the local church needs to develop its own songs and anthems to reflect what God is doing in the community. In this season we are developing our song writers and are looking forward to releasing their work to the wider church community before too long.

Again, this is a significant part of our time together. Typically lasting 30 – 40 minutes, you will hear Bible teaching combined with practical application delivered from one of our many excellent speakers.

We regularly invite travelling speakers and teachers, many of whom you will have heard of, and so we invite you to keep an eye on our upcoming events page to make sure you make a date with your diary for these not-to-be-missed moments.

You can also find our recent teachings available for free on our Media page.

Listening to how God has impacted lives is one of our favourite ingredients. It is unusual for a week to go by without some kind of testimony being shared by one or other of the church family.

Where possible, we give opportunities for stories, breakthroughs and good news to be shared with the rest of the church family.

This is a highly valued part of our church programme.

Our children’s work cover all ages from 2 – 11 years old with every child being made to feel welcome.

Each week there is a rich and diverse programme of activities for each of the 2 typical age groups within this bracket. They are enriching times for all concerned and are highly recommended.

We run our youth group every Sunday during the month and they cover a range of topical subjects applicable to young people and their journey to maturity. In addition to our Sunday Meetings other activities are organised from time to time for the youth. Before your child can join the Children or Youth Work we will ask you to complete a consent form.

We take the welfare of Children and Vulnerable Adults very seriously. We are signed up to the Christian Safeguarding charity Thirtyone:Eighty (Formally CCPAS) and all of our volunteer leaders are DBS checked and fully trained in safeguarding awareness. A copy of our policy is available and you can read more about it and how to get in touch by clicking here.

We meet at 10 am in the creche room to pray for our morning meeting.

Prayer is available to everyone immediately after our meeting. You will be offered simple prayer for any issue you might want support in. Our prayer volunteers are highly experiences and love to offer this ministry.

For those who might want a bit more time, or to go deeper, we highly recommend booking an appointment with our Bethel Sozo ministry. This ministry is an extraordinary opportunity to really get to grips with many aspects of your life and you can find out more by clicking here.

We also offer pastoral ministry too, and encourage you to get in touch if you want to take advantage of this.

Although we finish our main service at 12 noon there is still plenty of time for fellowship over a drink and biscuit.

We would love to meet you and get to know you so please stay around for a while and take advantage of the relaxed, informal atmosphere and see if you can’t make some new friends.

We always encourage people to bring their own mug as it helps with going greener.  But we do have recylcable paper cups for anyone who forgets.

Church All IN

Our ‘Church All In’ meetings happen monthly. This meeting is not streamed.

As the name suggests it is everyone taking part from welcoming, hosting, sharing testimony, childrens creativity time and the wonderful ‘Faith in Five interviews.  It is a full service with lots of fun.


There are always a diverse range of midweek groups from bible studies to musicians practice. Please contact the office for more details.


Thursday Evenings (Term time only) meeting at 7.30 pm 9.15 pm


Purpose — To get people together to cover familiar and new teaching, with opportunities for fellowship and ministry.

What to expect: Each week there will be a mix of worship, teaching, personal ministry and fun!  Some of the evening will be as a whole group and also divided into small groups.

Areas covered:

Back to Basics: Power of Cross, Trinity, Oneness

Father Heart: Father Types, Sonship, Orphan hood.

Hearing God: Personal hearing God, Prophesy

Dealing with Stuff: Power of Forgiveness, Vows and Judgements

Healthy thinking



We have a couple of mid weeks groups that meet every other week in the Chirk and Gresford areas.  

Small midweek groups are a great opportunity to get to know each other and pray togther.

If you are interested in joining one of these groups please contact the Church office.

Monday’s at 1pm – 1.30 pm at the Church building – Prayer focus on National, Government & Global issues and our local community – including Church and Wrexham needs.

Wednesday’s at 8.15 pm to 9 pm on Zoom – Please email the office for zoom details.


This group is led by Phil Arton and meets every other week on a Tuesday evening.

Full details to follow


Acorns playgroup has been running for over 25 years offering high quality preschool provision for children aged 2 – 3 years. In May 2019 the successful Estyn report give good outcomes in all areas.

The playgroup runs in the mornings Monday – Thursday from 9 am. Each session costs £15 but funded Early Education places are available after the child’s 3rd birthday. I.e. impact on the children in the community is reflected in the parent’s comments:

• My child loves coming to Acorns
• My child evens asks to come on a Friday and weekends
• The staff are very friendly and communicate well with parents on daily activities and on my children’s progress.

If you would like to find out more please contact the playgroup on 07516 254623

To view the Estyn/CIW inspection report go to:

www.estyn.gov.wales/inspection/search  and look under Sector Non-maintained nursery settings.

The Community Cafe, 46 Market Street
LL14 2HY
Community Cafe Website


During the week, why not come and enjoy the food and fellowship at The Community Cafe, open daily 10-3pm Monday to Saturday – full details can be found here.

There are opportunities to receive prayer for healing, prophecy, dream interpretation and meditation with Jesus.  It is the perfect time to bring along someone for a cuppa and receive so much more!

Grace runs a Spiritual Development group on WhatsApp which is aimed at helping those with no spiritual background to encounter the love of Jesus through short meditative and teaching videos.

Heaven’s Way Retreat days and workshops are also available.

We run a Foodbank to support the community.  Donations are always welcome and if you are struggling please do get in touch.

Next door to our Cafe we run a charity shop which helps support our work.

Note – we run an Inclusion Cafe  on Saturday 10am – 3pm where all are welcome. This is a special time for us and we warmly invited any and all to come along.

Keep an eye on the website above for future events and workshops for the community!
For more information please contact:
Grace Lockhart: 07931 791892:
Community Cafe : 01978 447477    Facebook: Rhos Community Cafe

Reach offers a confidential Christian counselling service for anyone in need and has done so for over 30 years. We offer ‘pastoral counselling’ for those who have a Christian faith and ‘community counselling’ for people of any other faith or of no faith. This distinctive approach reflects how we fully respect each person’s values and beliefs. Our hope, and aim, is to help each person find a better life, whatever their starting point may be.

Counselling at Reach provides people with the opportunity to fully explore their concerns and aims in a safe, confidential and hopeful setting. Clients present with a variety of issues that are causing them distress and our Appointments Manager seeks to allocate the most appropriate available counsellor to each new client. We don’t have a fixed charge for counselling sessions, but we do encourage donations and we have a fair donation principle that we ask all clients to consider.

Reach Counselling is available in Wrexham, Chester and various other centres in the NW of England. Further information can be found on the Reach website: ReachUK.co.uk or by ringing 0151 727 2121.

Heaven’s Way Church
(The Community Church, Villages)
Sunday Meeting 10.30am
New St, Rhosllanerchrugog, Wrexham LL14 1RE

We are a group of people who have experienced the healing and transforming power of Jesus and love to share His love and healing with the people we meet.

Many of the group have come from different spiritual paths but after encountering the power and love of Jesus have decided that there is no competition! His love is purer, more powerful and much more personal than anything encountered before.

We believe in a judgement-free environment where people can come and find healing and transformation. We understand that we need Jesus’ transforming love to make us whole and that we can only find this in His heart and then outworked in community!

There are opportunities to receive prayer for healing, prophecy, dream interpretation and meditation with Jesus.  It is the perfect time to bring along someone for a cuppa and receive so much more!

Grace runs a Spiritual Development group on WhatsApp which is aimed at helping those with no spiritual background to encounter the love of Jesus through short meditative and teaching videos.

Heaven’s Way Retreat days and workshops are also available.

We run a Foodbank to support the community.  Donations are always welcome and if you are struggling please do get in touch.

Keep an eye on the website above for future events and workshops for the community!
For more information please contact 
Grace Lockhart: 07931 791892
Community Cafe: 01978 447477

XLM Wrexham

XLM Wrexham is investing time into young people in our community through one to one mentoring. Volunteer mentors from the community work with a young person to identify their needs, struggles, abilities and strengths and working with them; spending a couple of hours a week over a 12 month period.

Our response is unique to other youth mentoring available in the area. It is a relational response; aiming to be a positive role model, a trusted adult and someone who believes in them. Trust and relationship takes time to establish and the impact of this alone is life changing. However, in the time together you will take the opportunity to enjoy exploring interests and possibilities for the future as well as allowing space to talk and reflect on their experiences and challenges. You will help them build their resilience and keep as many options open to them by remaining in mainstream education for as long as they choose.

The high schools we work with refer young person to us and if the young person and parent/guardian wants to participate they are matched to a suitable mentor for 12 months.

Our project is accredited to XLM but we are not affiliated so, it is run independent and is self-funded, receiving financial support from The Father’s Place charity.

Reasons to be a mentor from the mouths of our young people:

“I think people should be mentors because it helps children and Mums and Dads”
“I felt more confident about myself, to do better things”
“They need somebody to talk to, someone who will listen and not prejudge them. Just be there for them”

So, have you got what it takes to be an XLM mentor?*

  • Are you aged between 18 and 108?
  • Do you live in the Wrexham area or close enough to be happy to travel?
  • Can you commit 2 hours a week of your time over 12 months to a young person?
  • Are you a safe, reliable person that believes in our young people?

(*all mentors are trained, interviewed, referenced and DBS checked)

Next steps:

  • Contact me at xlmentoringwrexham@gmail.com and we can have a chat about it
  • Attend the training: To really understand what you can expect and what is expected of you the best place to start is to come to our free training. It is a requirement to be a mentor but there is no obligation to sign up.


“So, when can I start?”

This depends on when a young person is referred that is a good match for you. This is because we want to give the mentoring relationship the best chance of lasting the 12 months. So, after interview and references it could be weeks, months or years. We know that life happens so, we check with you before anything progresses to see where you are and if it is still a good time.

I can’t be a mentor but I want to be part of the project. How else can I support it?

Keep us in your prayers. Father God has His hand on this project, we are seeing favour and we are partnering with Him. We are being well received by representatives across the Wrexham community. He knows what is happening in the lives of these young people, loves them deeply and cares more than we ever could. Pray blessing over our mentors who are like gold dust and are giving of their time and energy. In addition, we need two main resources to secure the delivery of the project as we expand; funding and mentors.

Partner with us. Can you offer our mentors a resource through your organisation, business, society or charity? Having a mentor can provide the opportunity to explore and grow aspirations if we can connect them to you for a visit, job shadowing, work experience…what could you offer?

Fund our mentor expenses. Our mentors are giving of their time and there is also the financial cost. We cover this where needed. You can support someone who can offer their time to mentor in this very practical way.

Fund our group activities. We aim to provide quarterly group activities for our young people and mentors to participate in. They teach important social skills and build confidence. They are something fun that the young person not get the opportunity to do. They remind our mentors that they are part of a team and most importantly, the activity becomes a shared experience to strengthen the relationship. The cost of these activities for 10 participants is £200-£300.

Contact me: xlmentoringwrexham@gmail.com 

Follow us on Facebook: fb.me/xlmentoringwrexham